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Came across this entry from looooooong ago. Loved re-reading it and wanted to see if anyone remembered who (which number) they were. Let me know!!!

1) I am frightened for you and this new, but very exciting journey you're about to embark on. My fear is outweighed only by my happiness that you have found this path, AND the courage and strength to follow it. You are amazing.

2) You are an enigma. I doubt anyone has truly figured you out, although it is certainly fun to try. I would like to see you think. Yes, I'd like to be a bug on your wall.

3) The fact that I have you in my life at all is nothing short of a miracle. Either that, or a very interesting twist of fate. I can't decide which. You have more drive and determination than most people I have ever known. There are so many things about yourself that you overlook. I know the people in your life are proud of you and all you have done in such a short lifetime (thus far). You would do well to remember that.

4) You are my quote nazi, my lyrical genius. You reveal things through words and poems that give life to the anguish and joy that come with being in love. I hope love finally finds peace with you.

5) I realize I know little about you, but what I have seen of your mind and your eagerness to live life is beautiful and exciting. The people who are lucky enough to see and speak with you every day must, I hope, consider themselves very lucky. I love the hunger you possess for knowledge and happiness.

6) There was a time when all I could do was wish to know you. Now I do. And the novelty refuses to wear off. You amuse me, intrigue me, and bring wonderful experiences to my life. The only regret I have is not getting to know you thoroughly beofre I had to leave Cincinnati. Your impact on my life will, I'm sure, never fade. Believe in yourself. I do.

7) You are BY FAR the most outrageous, most entertaining person I have met in a very, very long time. I eagerly await your writing and the outstanding things that come out of your mouth. You have single-handedly forced me to abandon the few ounces of squeemish nature I ever possessed. Had you not, I couldn't have ever held a conversation with you. Never stop running at your opportunities....go full speed.

8) The more I communicate with you, the more I am convinced that you'll be an incredible friend. It would be fantastic to have an ally so close by. Hopefully, life/time will make that possible soon.

9) You are my twin. I hope you haven't forgotten. If I were stuck in a room with only you for the rest of my life I would know that I was with a person who truly understood the kind of pain I've gone through, and who would be comfortable sitting in silence. I'm sad that we seem to have lost touch. I'd be lucky if life found it necessary to put you in my path again.

10) It would be truly hard to explain all you have meant to me these past few years. I wish life were less harsh with you. We are all breakable, and you help me to remember that. I only wish the reflection you saw int he mirror showed you all of the triumphs I know you have achieved, and only those failures on which you can now look and realize were necessary for you to have come this far. Give yourself more credit, less criticism.

11) All of my attempts to truly contact you or get to know you have failed thusfar. However, I'm very happy life has finally decided throw an abundance of smiles your way. I love your desire to be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. And, I won't give up.

12) I can honestly say I don't understand why you do some of the things you do. But, you have never failed to make me smile, and you were a good friend at a few choice times when I felt very alone in many ways. your work ethic astounds me. And I will never stop trying to understand. Plus...I've seen your boobs!

13) Your passion and enthusiasm are unparalleled in my circle of friends. I am fascinated by your willingness and desire to challenge ideas and rules and blindly accepted truths. I would want to be near you in the simple hope that some of your exhiliration would rub off on me. I have no doubt that very soon that world is going to sit up and take great notice of people like you.

14) The beauty of your mind and spirit is, in a word, indescribable. I love the fact that I don't feel the need to talk much around you, I can almost read your mind. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of your genius lately, but I know that's because you are busy gorging yourself on experience, life, and people. I have no doubt that unique and wonderous things will come from you.

15) You are the definition of a true friend. The begining of my time with you was confusing, hard, and probalby exactly what I needed. you have never failed me....whether you were simply listening, or giving me a much needed push in the right direction. I am humbled by your completely selfless nature. I would lay down in traffic for you, do whatever it takes to make this friendship last a lifetime. Never underestimate yourself. Never doubt your judgement of character. I love you and adore you in many ways. Thank you.

16) I love your desire to live life without boundaries. I see how much you care for your friends and your desire to bring joy wherever you go. Sometimes I think you take yourself too seriously, but I suppose we all do. I wish for you to find peace with whatever you are fighting.

17) The story of your life is so rich. I am constantly encouraged and strengthened by the knowledge of all that you have overcome. I admit there are times when my understanding of you has failed or come up short, but your unwavering love has been my rock on more than one occasion. Sometimes I think you alone see through my defenses. I am blessed to have you in my life. I can only hope that through our friendship, you find more faith in yourself. I can't wait to see what's next.

18) The only thing I can honestly say about you is that I don't have much to say. I know you only through other people, but in those people I can see what kind of effect you have. Please believe that, from what I have seen, your strength is an obvious comfort to your friends, as well as a source of happiness.

19) I hate that distance keeps you so far from your friends and people who love you. I love that I had the chance to witness your beauty and humor firsthand.

20) The impact you have had on my life is absolutely incredible. You are at the top of a very short list of people who have my trust and respect. I am constantly surprised, amazed, and entertained by you. You are one of the few amazing people who can take the worst life can throw at a person, and come through it with laughter and tenacity. You are truly unique and I am so, SO proud of you. Never, never lose that joy...that refusal to "settle". Anything you want can be yours. Of all my friends I think I would most want to be like you. I love you in so many ways.

So, who's who?? :)
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