home of the phoenix (caged) wrote,
home of the phoenix


we're experts, aren't we?
somehow eloquent with words
but fools with chances
and time

i wonder if we missed it
an epic opportunity
overlooked like a stranger in an ever changing crowd
slipping past
without the recognition it deserved

someone noticed
made a life altering decision to clue us in
and leave us drowning in questions
in whys
in a storm of raw emotion that gave birth to a trust
only you could wrap your mind around

and now we're orphans
tossed aside with so much misunderstanding
guarding out of fear
the inability of others to open their minds
to witness us
and the transcendent love that fills every in-between

such things are never without sacrifice
the impossible task of living without the other
and the soul's unending ache to be nearer its twin
underneath it all

to say i love you is inadequate
to say i need you is closer to some representation of truth
to say that i grow weak from struggling to maintain some semblance of peace without you
is an unfair burden on your already wearied mind

we know this dance...

no matter where these lives have taken us
my heart has always found you
i send myself with you again, my love
so that it can
once again
lead you home
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