home of the phoenix (caged) wrote,
home of the phoenix

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where we go from here

i knew
i knew at some point
that my heart would have to release you
and i shattered
but i understood
because i saw your destination

and i knew
i knew you would have to leave
your journey deviated from our path
and everything else in my life
had prepared me
for letting you go

that didn't make it any easier
it didn't lessen the sting
maybe softened the blow
by much less than half

you know what you do to me
you know this heartache
this dance
this imprint of souls

it's a choice we had no say in
it's a story we didn't write
but it's a sacrifice i've been conditioned to make

so i lay you down
in a memory of peace
i lay you down
in a dream of what could be

i lay you down
because i know you need to be
i lay you down
inside of me
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